Home and Business Theater Surge Protection Device 8 outlets / 10-ft. cord. 3690 joule rating. Coaxial surge protection (digital broadband quality accommodates 2.2GHz bandwidth). Ethernet surge protection.
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Heavy grade AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from damage and performance problems due to the heaviest transient surges. Two pairs of coax line suppression jacks protect any two type F coax lines for cable-TV, satellite, broadcast antenna or cable modems. One set of coaxial jacks provide digital broadband quality and can handle 2.2GHz bandwidths. Set of RJ11 jacks offers surge suppression for pay-per-view satellite systems, dial-up and DSL modems, fax machines and cordless phones.

TLP810SAT offers 8 total outlets, 10-foot cord with space-saving angled plug and diagnostic LEDs with audible alarm to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Network grade AC suppression rated at 3240 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Integrated child-safety outlet covers safely seal off unused outlets. Listed to UL 1449. $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA only)

  • Item #: TLP810SAT

8 Outlet Surge Protection Device with Cable/Satellite Connectors

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